I. The purposes of Operational training
  Through operational training students can learn about purifier and its basic composing of purifier’s control system, master the correct operations oi purifier’s start and stop by auto control system and be familiar with operational and managing attentive items very well.
  通过操作训练,使学员了解分油机及其控制系统的基本组成,井能正确利用自动控制系统 对分油机进行起动、停止等各项操作,熟知操作及管理中的注意事项。
  Ⅱ. The operational contents
  (1) Purifier and its basic composing of control system’s being leaned about ;(1) 了解分油机及其控制系统的基本组成;
  (2) The preparations before starting purifier;(2) 分油机起动前的准备;
  (3) The operations of starting purifier;(3) 分油机起动操作;
  (4) The operations of stopping purifier.
  (4) 分油机停止操作。
  Ⅲ. Training equipment
  Type KYDW203 DBF-23 purifier-three sets.
  IV. Equipment and its technical parameters四、设备及其参数
  Electrical control box type:BZK-W2
  Speed:7800 r/min
  转速:7800 r/min
  Handling capacity: 800 ?1000 L/min
  处理量:800 ~ 1000L/min(20#重柴油)
  Clean liquid outlet pressure:≤0.12 MPa
  净液出口压力:≤0.12 MPa
  Sealing water quality: clean
  Low pressure water:0.02 ?0.03 MPa
  低压水压:0.02-0.03 MPa
  Water being supplied from high-position water case (ZB50-C)由高置水箱ZB50-C供水
  High pressure water :0. 15 -0.2 MPa
  高压水压:0.15 -0.2 MPa
  Ⅴ. Purifier and its basic composing of control system五、分油机及其控制系统的基本组成
  Generally the system for oil’s cleaning and its separating includes the following:
  (1) Purifier.
  (1) 分油机。
  (2) Automatic control equipments.
  (2) 自动控制装置。
  (3) The system of pumping. The function of pumping system is to pump fuel oil in the settling tank or lube oil in the circulating tank to heater, then deliver to purifier and separate, the fuel oil or lube oil which has been purified is pumped to fuel oil service tank or lube oil circulating tank. The control system of purifier can substitute the engineer to complete a serial operation, the core contents of control is:① Time sequence’s control for purifier;② Oil temperature’s automatic control;③ Safe protection (avoid oil-leak). Near the purifier in the automatic room, the diagram of purifier, the diagram of start electric circuit and the diagram of programmable control electric circuit are hanged. Purifier is a kind of oil separator with programmable logical controller, it can work and discharge sludge automatically according to given program and discharging time.
  (3) 泵送系统。泵送系统是将沉淀柜燃油或主机滑油循环柜的滑油输送到加热器,然后 进入分油机进行分离并将净化后的燃油或滑油输送到日用柜或滑油循环柜的系統。分油机自 动控制系统可替代轮机管理人员对分油机进行一系列操作,控制的核心内容是:①分油排渣的 时序控制;②分离液的温度自动控制;③安全保护(防漏油)。自动化机舱分油机旁挂有 KDYW203DBF-23(A202)型分油机系统图、起动箱电路图、程控箱电路图。该分油机为可编程 序控制器控制的部分排渣式分油机,可按设定的程序、排渣时间进行自动排渣,同时设有各种 安全保护装置。
  VI. Practical operational processes
  1. Preparations before starting purifier
  1. 分油机起动前的准备
  (1) Inspect lube oil * s level of purifier crankcase. If necessary, add lube oil to crankcase.
  (1) 检查分油机齿轮箱油位,必要时补充。
  (2) Supply compressed air and keep its pressure at 0.4 ~0.6 MPa.
  (2) 供给压缩空气,保持其压力在0.4~0.6MPa。
  (3) Check up liquid level for relevant oil and water, if necessary, add them.
  (3) 检查有关油、水柜的液位,必要时补充。
  (4) Open the valves for oil, water and compressed air.
  (4) 打开有关油、水、气系统的阀门。
  (5 ) Inspect temperature of oil and water to ensure their temperature is within permissive range.
  (5) 检查有关油、水的温度,确保处在允许的工作范围内。
  (6) Supply power to electric control case, starter and electric heater.
  (6) 接通起动控制器、程序控制箱和加热器的电源。
  (7) Set up liquid seal9 s time ( X1) and the period of discharging sludge ( X2 ).
  (7) 设定水封水时间X1和排渣周期X2。
  2. The operations of purifier's start
  2. 分油机起动操作
  (1) Start oil transferring pump and supply power to heater, let fuel oil circulate until its temperature is up to 80 centigrade.
  (1) 起动输油泵,供加热器电源,将循环油加热至80℃左右。
  (2) Start the purifier, inspect electric current and revolution1 s meter, purifier runs until its current reduces to normal value. Meanwhile, check up vibration and noisy.
  (2) 起动分油机,观察电流表及转速指示器,直至电流值回落至正常值,即分离筒转速上 升至额定转速,并确认无异常振动和噪声。
  (3) Pull up programmed elective switch to “RUN” position, and then purifier put into use.
  (3) 将程序控制箱上的程序选择旋钮拨至“运行”位置,分油机进入运行阶段。
  (4) Adjust oil outlet valve after oil supply to purifier, and keep the outlet pressure at 0.05 - 0.12 MPa.
  (4) 待分油机进油后,调节出油阀,使出油压カ在0.05-0.12 MPa之间。
  3. Stop purifier
  3. 分油机停止操作
  (1) Pull up programmed elective switch to “STOP” position,and then purifier comes into stopping program.
  (1) 将程序选择按钮拨到“停止”位置,分油机进人停机程序控制。
  (2) Lamp of discharging sludge lightens, supply opening-water to purifier. After discharging 4 times, indicative lamp powers off.
  (2) “排渣”指示灯闪亮,进开启水分油机四排渣后,指示灯熄灭。
  (3) After supplying opening-water shut off purifier’s power.
  (3) 进置换水后,自动切断分油机电机电源。
  (4) Purifier’s control program is finished after continuing to supply sealing-water into purifier 3 minutes.
  (4) 密封水继续通3 min后停止,整个停机程序结束。
  (5) Shut off heater and oil pump.
  (5) 切断加热器及油泵电源。
  (6) Reset relevant valves.
  (6) 相关阀门复位。
  (7) Shut off the power for electric control case and program control case.
  (7) 切断控制箱及程序控制箱电源。
  VII. The operational and managing attentive items七、操作及管理时的注意事项
  (1) Check the oil level and quality of crankcase oil carefully before starting, if shortage, add lube oil. If deterioration, oil should be exchanged. Maintain proper heating temperature to reduce the viscosity and keeps optimal oil separating capacity, generally the capacity is not over 50% rating separating capacity.
  (1) 起动前应检查曲轴箱的油位和油质,不足时应补充,若变质应换新;运行时保持适当 的加热温度以降低黏度,保持最佳的分油量,一般不超过额定分油量的50%。
  (2) Purifier’s automatic control system includes: Short circuit protective device, overload protective devices and low outlet oil pressure, high outlet oil pressure, high separating oil temperature, low separating oil temperature and no discharging alarm device. When these failures appear, red light is bright, “ALARM/RESET” button’s light flashes,at the same time audible alarm occurs to; when alarm happens,firstly press “ALARM/RESETT” button to eliminate noise and light from flashing to regular light, after eliminating failure, press “ALARM/RESET” button again, indicating light goes out and purifier begin to run again.
  (2) 分油机自动控制系统设有短路保护、过载保护装置以及出油压カ低、出油压カ高、分离油温高、分离油温低、不排渣等报警装置。出现有关故障时,红色指示灯亮,“报警/复位”按 钮指示灯闪亮,同时声音响起。警报发生时先按一次“报警/复位”按钮,消除声响,同时指示 灯由闪亮转为常亮;待故障排除后,再按一次“报警/复位”按钮,指示灯熄灭,分油机重新投入 运行起动阶段。
  (3) This system has pressure-switch to watch whether leaking oil appears or oil circuit blocks or not, when these problems happen, it can be shut off, oil circuit automatically to make separating liquid circulating outside, at the same time sound and light’s alarm is given off.
  (3) 本系统设有压カ开关,监视分离过程中有无漏油或油路阻塞现象。当出现有关故障, 能自动切断油路,让待分离的液体在机外循环,同时发出声光警报。
  (4) This system assembles vibration switch to detect purifier’s vibration, when purifier appears abnormal vibration, this system will give out sound and light’s alarm to shut off electromotor power immediately.
  (4) 本系统设有振动开关作分油机振动检测,当分油机产生异常振动时,发出声光警报, 立即切断电动机电源。
  Ⅷ. Training requirements
  Students should be finished each kind of operation which is required in the operational contents independently, and master all attentive items of the equipment operations.
  在教师的指导下,学员应独立完成操作内容中規定的各项训练要求,并完全掌握操作时的 各种注意事项。
  IX. Reasoning subjects
  (1) Combination with practical devices,please analyze the reasons that working electric cur- rent suddenly rises in ampere meter during purifier, s normal working, and bring forward emergency settling measure.
  (1) 结合实际设备,试分析正常运行中的分油机、工作电流表突然増大的原因,并提出应 急解决措施。
  (2) Please list the safety and alarm devices in KYDW203DBF-23 purifier, and analyze the working process for these devices.
  (2) 请举出KYDW203DBF-23型分油机有哪些安全与报警保护装置,分析这些设备的工作过程。
  X. The practical report
  The requirement and format of practical report is compiled in another mode.

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