Words and Expressions on Technology Trade 技术贸易常用词语advance and deposit 预付租金与保证金
  agreed territory 契约区域
  Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation 避免双重征税协定applicable law适用法律
  applicable law clause适用法律条款
  arbitration 仲裁
  arbitration clause 仲裁条款
  artificial person 法人
  attorney 委托代表
  auditing clause  帐目条款
  award meeting 决标会议
  award of arbitration 仲裁决定
  award of bid 决标
  barter trade 易货贸易
  base price 标底
  bid deposit 投标保证金
  bid opening 开标
  bidder 投标人
  breach of contract 违约
  buyer credit 买方信贷
  capitalization of technology 技术的资本化choice of law clause 法律选择条款
  civil law 欧洲大陆法系
  client 委托方
  closed bid (tender) 在一定范围内邀请参加的投标come into force clause 生效条款
  commercial technology transfer 商业技术转让common law 英美法系
  compensation 补偿
  compensation trade 补偿贸易
  competitive bidding 竞争性招标
  complete equipment importation 成套设备引进composition of investment 投资构成
  consulting service 咨询服务
  conciliation 调解
  conditions of payment 付款条件
  consultant 咨询方
  contentious 引起争议的
  contract document 合同文件
  contract for products in hand 产品到手合同,保产合同contract product 合同产品
  contractor 承包方
  contractual joint ventures 合作经营
  cooperative production 合作生产
  cost of development 研究发展总费
  cost of transfer 引进技术所需的总费
  cost plus for contract 成本加费用合同
  counter claim 反诉
  counter purchase 回购
  counting method of royalty 提成费计算方法credit 资信
  credit lease 信贷租赁
  cross license contract 互换许可合同
  customs formalities 海关手续
  decline stage  衰退阶段
  definition 定义
  depreciation charge 折旧费
  devaluation 贬值
  direct product 直接产品
  dispute settlement 争议解决
  double taxation 双重征税
  down payment 订金
  drawings 图纸
  economic life cycle of a product 产品经济寿命周期exclusive license contract  独占许可合同
  export credit  出口信贷
  export of technology 技术出口
  export quotas 出口配额
  export subsidies 出口补贴
  fair market price 公平市场价格
  feasibility 可行性
  feasibility study 可行性研究
  feasibility study report 可行行研究报告
  fee 使用费
  finance lease 融资租赁
  finished product 成品
  fixed price sliding royalty 固定提成
  Foreign Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade 中国国际贸易促进委员会对外经济贸易仲裁委员会foreign economic contract 涉外经济合同
  foreign economic item 涉外经济贸易项目
  formality 手续
  general condition 一般条件
  grant-bank provisions 回授条款
  growth stage 成长阶段
  guarantee 保证
  guarantee clause 保证条款
  Hamburg Rules《汉堡规则》
  hard ware 硬件
  how to 口头传授
  import of technology 技术引进
  income tax 所得税
  infringe 侵权
  initial payment 初付费
  Institute Cargo Clauses《协会货物条款》
  interim measures of protection 临时性保护措施internal rate of return (IRR) 内部收益率
  international bid (tender) 邀请外国人参加投标international competitive bidding (TCB) 国际竞争性招标International Convention for Unification of Certain Rules of Law Relating to Bill of Lading《关于统一提单的若干法律规定》
  international license contract 国际许可合同international practice 国际惯例
  International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms《国际贸易术语解释通则》
  international technology transfer 国际技术转让international technology transfer transaction 国际技术贸易international tendering 国际招标
  introductory stage 介绍阶段
  investment appraisal 投资评价
  investment certificate 投资证书
  investment environment 投资环境
  investment proportion 投资比例
  investment value 投资价值
  invisible property 无形财产
  invitation for bid 招标通知
  invitation to tender 招标
  joint venture 合资经营
  jurisdiction law 管辖法
  know how 专有技术
  know-how license contract 专有技术许可合同lawful 合法
  lawless 不合法
  lease object 租赁客体
  lease trade 租赁贸易
  legal formalities 法律手续
  legitimate post-tax profits 缴纳所得税的合法利润lessee 承租人
  lessor 出租人
  letter of indemnity 保密
  letters of intent 项目意向书
  letters of project proposal 项目建议书
  letters patent 特许证
  leverage lease 杠杆租赁
  liability clause 责任条款
  license 使用许可证
  license trade 许可证贸易
  licensee 受让方
  licensing contract 许可合同
  licensor’s share on licensee’ profit (LSLP 技术供方占技术受方利润的份额licensor 出让方
  litigation 诉讼
  look see 车间进行试看
  low stage bidding 两段招标
  lumpsum price 统包价格
  maintain 维修保养
  management condition 管理条件
  margin 保证金
  market capacity 市场容量
  market channel 销售渠道
  mature condition 自然条件
  maturity stage 成熟阶段
  mechanical performance guarantee 机械性能保证memorandum 备忘录
  milestone payment 分期付款
  mixed agreement 混合协议
  natural person 自然人
  negotiated bidding 谈判招标
  net present value rate 净现值比率
  net selling price 净销售价
  non-commercial technology transfer 非商业性技术转让non-competitive bidding 非竞争性招标
  nonexclusive license contract 普通许可合同nontransferable license contract 不可转让许可合同notice of award 中标通知书
  novelty 新颖性
  null and void 无效
  open bid (tender) 不要求保密的投标
  open bidding 公开招标
  open cost contract 公开成本合同
  open price 开口价
  opening of bids 开标
  opening of offers 开标
  opening of quotations 开标
  opening of tenders 开标
  ordinary technology 普通技术
  ownership 所有权
  package contract 总包合同
  Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property《保护工业产权巴黎公约》
  partner 合伙人
  partnership 合伙关系
  Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) 《专利合作条约》
  patent documents 专利文件
  patent infringement 专利侵权
  patent license contract 专利技术许可合同
  patent right 专利权
  payment after delivery 技术资料交付后付款performance bond 履约保证金
  photographs 照片
  preliminary feasibility analysis 初步可行性分析price of the contract 合同价格
  primary data 主要资料
  processing and assembly 加工装配
  processing cost 加工费
  product buy-back 产品返销
  product innovation 产品革新
  product life cycle 产品寿命周期
  product mix 产品组合
  product patent 产品专利
  product quality guarantee 产品质量保证
  product quality standard 产品质量标准
  product tax 产品税
  product warranty 产品保证书
  profit 收益
  profit and loss investment 投资损益
  progress payment 按项目的进度付款
  progressive taxation 累进税
  project contract 项目合同
  project contracting 工程承包
  project owner 工程所有人
  propensity to invest 投资倾向
  proper law 准据法
  property tax 财产税
  public bid (tender) 不限范围邀请参加的投标qualification 资格
  qualitative analysis 定性分析
  quantitative analysis 定量分析
  rate of return on investment 投资回收率
  raw material supply 料件供应
  recipient 受方
  receiving party 取方
  registered capital 注册资金
  remuneration 酬金
  repay planning 偿还计划
  resource condition 资源条件
  restrictive business practices 限制性商业惯例restrictive practice 限制性惯例
  return on investment 投资盈利率
  Revised American Foreign Trade Definition , 1941《美国对外贸易定义》
  right to use  使用权
  royalty price 提成价格
  royalty rate 提成率
  running royalty 滑动提成
  sale and lease back lease 售出与返租式租赁scope of the contract 合同范围
  sealed bid 密封投标
  sealed letter 密封信件
  second creation 二次创造
  secrecy agreement 保密协议
  select model 选型
  selected bidding 选择招标
  semi-finished product 半成品
  semi turn key project contract 半交钥匙项目合同show-to 操作示范
  simple license contract 普通许可合同
  sliding royalty 滑动提成
  soft ware 软件
  sole license contract 全权许可合同
  stamp tax 印花税
  sub-license contract 从属许可合同
  subject matter 标的
  submission of tender 投标
  submit a tender 投标
  subsidiary 附属公司
  substantive law 实体法
  successful (winning) bidder 中标人
  successful tenderer 中标人
  summary of negotiation 洽谈纪要
  supplier 供方
  suppliers credit 卖方信贷
  suppling party 供方
  synthetic lease 综合租赁
  taxation bureau 税务局
  taxation office 税务所
  taxation policy 税收政策
  taxation system 税制
  taxes and duties 税金和关税
  technical and economic analysis 技术经济分析technical and economic appraisal 技术经济评价technical and economic indicator 技术经济指标technical assistance agreement 技术援助协议technical cooperation 技术合作
  technical data 技术资料
  technical documents 技术条件
  technical indices 技术指标
  technical information 技术资料
  technical monopoly 技术垄断
  technical specification 技术规范
  technical appraisal 技术鉴定
  technological development 技术开发
  technology intensive 技术密集型
  technology transfer 技术转让
  technology transfer contract 技术转让合同technical and economic target 技术经济定额tender 招标人,招标
  tender box 投标箱
  tender committee 投标委员会
  tenderer 投标人
  terms of reference 咨询任务大纲
  The International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property《保护工业产权公约》
  The Proper Law of Contract 合同准据法
  the starting data 起始日
  The Uniform Law the Formation of Contract for International Sale of Goods《国际货物买卖合同成立统一法》
  The Uniform Law on International Sale of Goods《国际货物买卖统一法》
  time-base contract 计时合同
  to be subject to taxation 应纳税
  to call for bid 邀请投标
  to exempt form taxation 免税
  to invite tender 招标
  to submit tender 投标
  to win the contract 中标
  trade mark license contract 专利使用许可合同trade mark licensee 商标受让人
  trade mark licensor 商标许可人
  transferable license contract 可转让许可合同transferee 被转让方
  transferrer 转让方
  triangular trade 三角贸易
  turn key project contract 交钥匙项目合同
  turnkey project 交钥匙工程
  two-stage competitive bidding 两段竞争招标tying provisions 搭卖条款
  U.N. Convention on the Carrier of Goods by Sea, 1978《1978年联合国海上货物运输公约》
  UNCTAD 联合国贸易发展组织
  United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods《联合国国际货物销售合同公约》
  utility  实用性
  utility model 实用新型
  warranty 担保
  Warsaw Oxford Rules ,1932《1932年华沙牛津规则》
  whereas clause 鉴于条款
  World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 《世界知识产权组织公约》

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