劳动人事管理 Labour and Personnel Management(1)雇工制度 Employment System
  八小时工作制 eight-hour working day
  班后会制度 system of shift meeting
  操作合理化 rationalization of operation
  测时 measuring time
  厂标竞赛 inter-factory emulations
  出勤率 attendance rate
  定员 personnel quota
  定员标准 personnel quota standard
  定员方法 methods of determining personnel quota多设备管multiple equipment operation
  非全时工作制 part-time job .system
  岗位练兵 on-the-post training
  工时 man-hour
  工时利用率 man-hour utilization rate
  工效学 ergonomics
  工作抽样work sampling
  工作地 work station
  工作评价 job evaluation
  工作日写实 detailed record of workdays
  工作时间 working hours
  工作研究work study
  会客制度 visiting system
  技工学校 technician training school
  技能形式 formation oi skill
  技术测定法 technical measurement method
  加班加点 overtime
  假期 vacation
  交接班制shift system
  经验估工法 estimation method of man-hours by experience考勤制度 system of attendance checking
  劳动等级labour grade
  劳动定额标准work quota standard
  劳动定额管理 work quota management
  劳动定额水平work quota level
  劳动定额制定 work quota determination
  劳动分工 division of labor
  劳动服务公司 labour service company
  劳动关系 labour relations
  劳动合同labor contract
  劳动计划 labor plan
  劳动纪律 work discipline
  劳动竞赛 labour emulation
  劳动模范 outstanding worker
  劳动强度 labour intensity
  劳动争议 labour dispute
  劳动制度labour system
  劳动组织 work organization
  培训中心 training center
  疲劳研究fatigue study
  平均人数 average number of workers and staff期末人数 number of workers and staff at the end of period人才开发 talent development
  人事制度 personnel system
  三八红旗手活动activity of March Eighth Rod-Banner Pacesetter三班倒工作制 three-shift working system
  时间研究time study
  四班三运转制 3-shift work system with 4 groups of workers四六工作制 4-shift work system with a 6-hour workday弹性工作时间制度flexitime system
  同工种竞赛 emulation among workers of the same type of work统计分析法 statistical analysis method
  先进生产者advanced worker
  小指标竞赛 hundred-point emulation
  新长征突击手活动shock workers activity of the New Long March学徒制度 apprenticeship system
  训练班 training class
  业余学校 sparetirne school
  一专多能 expert in one thing and good at many以工代干 using workers as cadres
  预备工制度 pre-employment trainee system
  职称 professional title
  职工 staff and workers
  职工辞退和辞职 dismissal and resignation of workers and staff职工大学 college for workers and staff
  职工调配 allocation of workers and staff
  职工技术考核 technical examination of workers and staff职工奖惩 rewards and penalties for workers and staff职工晋升 promotion of workers and staff
  职工劳动规则 work rules for workers and staff职工培训 training of workers and staff
  职工培训计划 plan for training of workers and staff职工守则 regulations for workers and staff职工招收和录用 recruitment and employment of workers and staff职能资格制 functions and qualification system自学考试 self-study examination
  作息制度 system of work and rest
  作业组 work group
  (2)工资制度 Wage System
  包工工资制 wage system for contract work
  保留工资 retained wages
  超定额计件工资制system of piecework wage for abovequota output单项奖 single-item award
  浮动工资制 floating wage system
  辅助工资 auxiliary wages
  附加工资 supplementary wages
  干部工资等级制度system of wage brackets of cadres岗位工资制 post wage system
  岗位津贴 allowance for the post
  个人收入分配制度system of personal income distribution工人工资等级制度system of wage brackets of workers工资等级表 table of wage scales
  工资分 wage points
  工资改革 reform of the wage system
  工资基金管理wage fund control
  工资计划 wage plan
  工资水平wage level
  工资形式wage form
  工资自然增长 natural wage increase
  工资总额 total sum of wages
  股金制度 system of cash payment for shares规定工资set wages
  基本工资basic wages
  集体计件工资制 collective piecework wage system计件工资 piecework wages
  计件工资制 piecework wage system
  计时工资time rate wages
  计时工资制time wage system
  技术等级标准 standards for grading skills加班加点津贴overtime premium
  间接计件工资 indirect piecework wage system奖金制度bonus system
  奖励工资 premium wages
  津贴制度allowance system
  矿山井下津贴 allowance for under-pit work劳动分红 profit-sharing according to work劳务费 service fee
  累进计件工资制progressive piecework wage system流动施工津贴 mobile work allowance
  名义工资nominal wages
  能力工资制 wage system based on ability
  年工资 yearly wages
  年资序列工资制 wage system based on seniority平均工资average wage
  日工资 daily wages
  生活工资 living wages
  实际工资 real wages
  实际工资指数 real wage index
  提成工资制 system of having a portion of retained profits for wage increases停工津贴allowance for work stoppage
  野外工作津贴field work allowance
  月工资 monthly wages
  直接无限计件工资制direct and unlimited piecework wage system职工副食品价格补贴non-staple food price subsidy lor workers and staff职工工资升级 wage increases for workers and staff周工资 weekly wages
  综合奖 comprehensive award
  最低工资minimum wages
  最高工资maximum wages
  7 劳动保险 Labour Insurance
  补助金 grant-in-aid;subsidy
  产假工资照发 maternity leave with full pay车马费 travel allowance
  福利费 welfare funds
  福利国家 welfare state
  福利基金welfare fund
  福利设施 welfare facilities
  福利事业 welfare projects (/services)
  抚恤金 pension for a disabled person or the family of the deceased工厂急救站 factory first-aid station
  工厂日间托儿所factory creche
  工厂医疗室 factory clinic
  工龄和工作年限 seniority and length of service工人疗养院 worker's sanatorium( /convalescent home)工人休养所worker’s rest home
  工人恤养保险 worker's compensation insurance工伤 injury sustained in the performance of duty工作福利 work fare
  公费医疗 free medical care
  公共福利 public welfare
  公益金 public welfare fund
  规定喂奶时间 time allowed for baby nursing伙食费 money spent on meals; board expenses集体福利 collective welfare
  交通补助 traffic allowance
  经济福利 economic welfare
  救济金 relief fund
  劳动动保险待遇 labor insurance benefits
  劳动保险管理 labor insurance administration劳动保险经费labor insurance fund
  劳动保险条例 labor insurance regulations
  女工休息室 rest room for women workers
  丧葬费funeral expenses
  生活费 living expenses; cost of living
  特约医院(合同医院)hospital under contract to a factory统筹保险基金 overall financing for insurance退休金 retirement pay;pension
  恤养金制pension plans
  养老金 old-age pension
  医药费 medical expenses( /costs)
  因公负伤 work-related injury
  职工保险 workers' insurance
  职工福利 welfare of workers and staff
  治丧费补助 subsidy for funeral expenses
  住院费 hospitalization expenses
  8.劳动保护 Labour Protection
  安全保障措施safety precautions
  安全标准 safety standards
  安全操作 safety in production
  安全操作规程safety code
  安全措施safety measures
  安全带 safety bell
  安全服 protective clothing
  安全计划 safety program
  安全技术措施 technical safety measures
  安全检查safety inspection
  安全帽 safety helmet
  安全哨 danger-warning(/lookout)post
  安全设施safety device
  安全生产 safety in production
  安全生产教育safety education
  安全生产责任制 responsibility system for safety in production安全系数safety factor
  安全因素 safety factor
  安全月 safety month
  安全制度 safety regulation
  八小时工作日eight-hour workday
  保健措施 health protection measures
  保健费 subsidies for health
  不安全因素 unsafety factor
  产假 maternity leave
  带电作业hot4ine work
  低温作业 working at low temperature
  定期健康检查 periodical physical examination periodical checkup (Am.)防寒防冻 protection against cold and freeze防火 fire prevention
  防火措施 fire prevention measures
  防火器材 fire prevention equipment
  防火墙 fireproof wall
  防暑降温 heatstroke prevention
  放射防护 protection against radiation
  高温作业working at high temperature
  高温作业补贴 allowance for working at high temperature隔热墙 insulating wall
  工厂卫生factory hygiene
  工人伤残赔偿 workmen's compensation
  工伤事故 industrial injury
  工业事故 industrial accident
  工业卫生industrial hygiene
  工业噪声制 industrial noise control
  婚假 marriage leave
  火警警报器fire alarm
  火灾善后工作aftermath of fire
  降温措施 temperature lowering measures
  空气调节 air-conditioning
  劳动安全 insulating safety
  劳动保护用品 labour protection appliances劳动条件 labour conditions
  劳动卫生 occupational hygiene
  灭火器 fire extinguisher
  女工保护 protection of women workers
  轻工作(照顾怀孕女工)lighter work
  人工通风 artificial ventilation
  射频辅射防护 protection against radiofrequency and radiation事故防范 accident prevention
  手套和套袖 gloves and sleevelets
  水下作业 working under water
  探亲假home leave
  调整寸 adjustment of working hours
  通风 ventilation
  通风降温 ventilation and cooling
  通风装置 ventilation installation
  退休年龄限制 retiring ( /pensionable ) age limit危险性作业hazardous work
  危险性作业补贴allowance for hazardous work卫生通风 sanitary ventilation
  消防设置 fire-fighting equipment
  休息日 off day
  荧光安全灯 fluorescent safety lamp
  营养补助 nourishment subsidies
  预防措施 precautionary measures
  预防性维修 preventive maintenance
  职业病防治 prevention of occupational diseases自然通风 natural ventilation

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